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Vainglory’s Game Modes in 4.0

Vainglory’s Game Modes in 4.0

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 08, 2019


In 4.0, we’re going to be changing our lineup of game modes. Over the years, we’ve been experimenting with many new modes and saw many changes to play patterns of the Vainglory community. We launched 5v5, which quickly overtook 3v3 in popularity, we’ve introduced Blitz and ARAL, then tested several temporary modes such as Onslaught, then Rumble and OFA on a event based weekend rotation.

With everything we’ve learned, we want to revisit which game modes will be persistent versus which modes will be event driven, with the goal of 1) Providing clarity to new players what Vainglory is focused on and 2) Providing persistent modes that serve different interests and playstyles.

The new persistent game modes in 4.0 will be:

  • 5v5 Casual
  • 5v5 Ranked
  • 3v3 Ranked
  • Rumble
  • Blitz

Most notably, you’ll see that 3v3 Casual is not on the list. We want new players to have a single, clear place to learn the “Standard MOBA game play” before venturing off to a different try-hard mode. This also has the added benefit where we no longer divide the new user population in half across two queues. 3v3 Ranked will continue to be available, and we will continue to fix the balance & meta of 3v3, especially after the big wobble in 3v3 meta from 3.10.

Although a newer game mode, Rumble has been an impressive stand-out from the group of modes that have been on rotation prior to 4.0. Due to its popularity – and because we want to ensure there’s a faster game mode that doesn’t include Talents – Rumble will become a persistent mode in our line-up.  Rumble will replace ARAL’s slot as a permanent game mode. ARAL will now move into the event rotation, as we believing having all three Rumble + Blitz + ARAL as permanent modes would divide the short game mode queues too far.

Lastly, Blitz continues to be a staple mode for those invested in the Talents progression system and specifically want the shortest possible session that still resembles a MOBA. We’ve also added a ‘Talents’ descriptor so that newer players can more easily connect the dots as to why that enemy Skaarf can now spit 3 fireballs at once.

Overall, we want to present Vainglory with a clearer focus on “what the primary try-hard mode is”, while also providing players with an option for a fast game mod with & without talents.