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3v3 Meta in 4.0

3v3 Meta in 4.0

  • Vainglory
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  • Feb 08, 2019


3v3 Meta

We’ve heard a lot of great feedback from players surrounding the 3v3 meta. In Vainglory 4.0 we’re looking to take some of those suggestions to make meta corrections that help prevent 3v3 from feeling so snowbally.

The Stormguard Stipulation

3v3 is already meant to be a quicker game mode than 5v5, but previously Stormguard still felt like a requirement. This ate up a lot of early gold and an early item slot. While we don’t want to eliminate Stormguard as an option, we’re lowering the armor and shield of jungle monsters to allow for other early game options to open up.

Kracking Down On Kraken

While the Kraken should still be a strong pushing force that helps close out matches, “The enemy team has captured the Kraken” shouldn’t automatically mean the end of the match. Thus, we’re tuning her down a notch so backfoot teams are able to defend / there are actual counterplay options when defending against the Kraken.

Down With Death Timers

Did face-checking that brush not end well? You were 18 minutes into that match, so probably not. And while that long death timer is deserved, it felt exceedingly punishing when this was an early death. Along with the changes above, we’re lowering death timers by about 30% early on in an effort to reduce the snowballiness of 3v3 matches.