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Free Hero Rotation (Nov. 17): Vox, Krul, SAW & More

Free Hero Rotation (Nov. 17): Vox, Krul, SAW & More

  • Vainglory
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  • Nov 17, 2015


With Update 1.11 around the corner, this week’s free rotation includes heroes getting some incredible new skins. Both SAW and Krul get their Tier III skins in this update, evolving them to their final form. Vox gets the Tier II version of his Cloud Raider skin, with some vivid splash art to go with it.

Vox has been one of the big stories of the VGL Autumn Qualifiers, as Halcyon Hammers’ XenoTek revealed an Aftershock build that has spread like wildfire over the North America meta. Watch the full match set vs. VON Diablo here, featuring some incredible surprises. With multiple viable build paths, Vox is one to play this week!


Vox has a new skin coming in Update 1.11 with Cloud Raider Vox Tier II! Check the in-game Market after the update to get this new skin.

Vox is a mobile sniper with a high-energy playstyle, with quick dashes and excellent teamfight repositioning. Vox deals significant damage either to a single target or to groups of enemies depending on his build. This flexibility allows Vox to react according to the needs of his team.


Krul becomes the ultimate hard-rock zombie warrior when Update 1.11 unleashes his Tier III skin on the Fold! Look for this skin in the Market soon.

Krul is a jungle nightmare who dominates in 1v1 duels. Able to absorb massive amounts of damage and recover large portions of his own health mid-battle, Krul can bring the pain and survive a beating as long as he can stick to his target.


SAWborg Tier III will be released in Update 1.11! If you’ve been waiting for your chance to display your SAW prowess as either a crystal or weapon build, this is your chance! Find the SAWborg Tier III skin in the Market soon.

SAW has arguably the highest damage potential in the game … but at the huge expense of mobility. Excellent at sieging important locations, SAW zones out entire regions from the enemy team with suppressing fire.


Catherine brings the most reliable stun and disruption skills to teamfights and ganks. Hard to kill and great at chasing, she can secure kills and turn around fights that would otherwise be lost. Catherine can soak up damage and strike fear on sight. She is best roaming between jungle and lane. 


Glaive has one of the most feared abilities in the game: a jet-powered Afterburn strike that will slice through you and blast you back into a tactically fatal position. In teamfights, Glaive’s area-of-effect cleave and Bloodsong lifesteal makes him incredibly hard to bring down.


Ringo is often played as the primary damage dealer for his team. He can shoot at blinding speeds and finish off fleeing enemies with an epic fireball that follows foes across the battlefield. Incredibly weak in the early game, Ringo players should focus on earning as much gold as possible in the lane before picking big fights.


The free hero rotation unlocks six heroes each week to play as long and as much as you want in the Casual queue. It’s an opportunity to test drive heroes before using ICE or Glory to unlock them. The free hero rotation does not include hero skins.

The free rotation changes every Tuesday and heroes in the rotation usually won’t return for a few weeks or months afterward, so unlocking heroes is always worthwhile. The free rotation does not apply to Ranked play to ensure players are already very familiar with the heroes they play in that try-hard environment with skill tiers at stake.

Go play the heroes getting new looks in Update 1.11!