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Vainglory: Community Edition – Art Event

Vainglory: Community Edition – Art Event

  • cloaken
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  • Apr 24, 2020

The team at SEMC has always been in awe at the amazing fan artists that have put energy into creating artwork around Vainglory. In the past, we have even run a number of fan art events that allowed us to showcase some of this work and even provide virtual rewards to some of the best.

In the spirit of shifting VG:CE into community hands, we are looking to take this art event a step further and incorporate the winning pieces directly into the CE app. Are you someone that feels Kestrel needs to move on at this point (We <3 you, Kestrel!)? Now’s your chance to make a change!  




We want to update two main elements in the VG:CE client:

    • The application’s logo/icon to represent the shift to “Vainglory: Community Edition” (or Vainglory: CE for short).


        • At its largest size, this asset should be 1024 x 1024 pixels (can make this larger, but will need to land here as a final form)


    • The homescreen splash art.


        • At its largest size, this asset should be 2048 x 901 pixels (can make this larger, but will need to land here as a final form)


You have until May 15th to share with the community your original work on Twitter. After that, we will collect a short list of top-runners and allow the community to vote on their favorites. 

The top-voted pieces of artwork will be added to the VG:CE client to represent the shift into the game’s next chapter.




      • Your submission must be your original artwork
      • You can submit as many entries as you like
      • The event begins April 24th and we are accepting submissions until May 15th
      • SEMC will curate and make a short list of our favorites by May 22nd
      • On May 22nd you will be able to vote on the shortlist of entries both on Twitter and our Vainglory Discord
      • The winner will be selected based on the total number of votes across both locations





      • Submit your piece of artwork via your personal Twitter using the tag: #VGCEART 
        • Make sure your account is not set to private, or else we will not be able to see your entry!
      • Please note – that upon conclusion of this community contest a formal signed release waiver will be required with the winner(s) to incorporate the artwork in the VG:CE client. 


Thank you for the feedback you’ve given us so far on our journey towards a fully realized Community Edition for Vainglory. Please do continue to let us know your thoughts!